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2 Oct 2015: The abstracts of the papers presented in the converence are available here.

4 Sep 2015: Full programme is online.

16 Jun 2015: The online registration is now active

26 May 2015: *Deadline extention* until the 25th of June. See dates.

26 May 2015:Fees have been reduced to 200e, all-inclusive. See registration for details.

28 Arp 2015: Deadline for paper submission has been extended to the 1st of June. See dates for details.

12 Jan 2015: A preliminary programme has been added.

10 Jan 2015: Online submission is now open!

23 Dec 2014: Submission info has been updated and template for extended abstracts has been added.

30 Nov 2014: International Scientific Committee has been published and Registration Fees have been updated.

25 Oct 2014: Site is up.


The University of the Aegean (Dept. of Mediterranean Studies, Laboratory of Archaeometry & Dept. of Product and Systems Design Engineering) (GR) & Coastal Carolina University (US)

in collaboration with

Under the Auspices of the Ministry of Culture and Sports

university of the aegean
University of the Aegean

Athena Research and Innovation
Athena Research and Innovation Center

Coastal Carolina University
Ministry of Culture and Sports